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BHC Snacks: Branston Bolillos

by Julie on October 28, 2011

in Adventures in Parenting, Snacks & Sides

Our neighborhood Fresh & Easy opened about a month ago, seducing even me, a die-hard, almost-daily Trader Joe’s customer away with its array of, well, everything.

I mean, you gotta love a place where you can buy hand-made tortillas infused with cilantro, “drunken goat” cheese AND brown sugar and cinnamon Pop Tarts and a bottle of Mexican Coke.  It appeals to my inner yuppie and my need for junk food kitsch.

Also, apparently, my nascent desire to make mashup snacks. Like this one:

Branston Pickle bolillo

Bloody hell that's muy bien

Doesn’t look like much, maybe, but it’s muy delicioso. I’m calling it Branston Bolillos.

Because you can buy both Branston Pickle and fresh bolillos rolls at my Fresh & Easy. And queso fresca too.

WHAT’S Branston Pickle, you ask? Obviously you haven’t spent much time in England. It’s a sort of chutney that’s a common condiment over the pond. It’s got a nice, pickley taste (but totally different from our relish), and is very, very addicting on, say, cheese sandwiches.

Branston Pickle

All hail Pickle!

Anyway, it’s considered an import, and not always easy to find in these parts. But then here’s Fresh & Easy with a whole aisle of English food (more on that in a later post).

Also bolillos, which are basically Mexican soft rolls good for making tortas or any sandwich, and which I’d just had a few nights earlier at a party, filled with slices of queso fresca, which is fresh Mexican white cheese that’s sort of like feta. You can buy both of these things anywhere in SoCal.

But who’s ever thought of combining them all with pickle? Huh? Huh?

queso fresca

Que pasa, queso?

Slice a bolillo in half, spread delicious Branston Pickle on one side. Two or three slices of queso fresca on the other side. Simple as that. You could even get fancy and toast the bolillo but that’s really gilding the lily.

Preguntas? Right. There you go, then. Try your Branston Bolillo with a nice cup of tea and you’re good to go.


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