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Responsible snacking

by Julie Tilsner on May 7, 2009

in Adventures in Parenting

Sardines It's nearly noon. Since I ate an entire bowl of cereal (two Weetabix with dried cranberries on top) at about 8 a.m., I don't know why I should be so hungry. But I am. So hungry I'm starting to shake.

I wander down to the kitchen. What should I eat? Why is there nothing ready-made to shovel into my mouth? Why don't I have any more TJ's frozen burritos?

Another bowl of cereal? Meh.

No more fruit left. No chocolate. No french bread.

I dig through my pantry. I note I have pesto, and briefly consider pasta. But no, that would take 15 whole minutes. I need more instant gratification.

Then I hit paydirt. A tin of sardines. A jar of capers. The lone avocado in the house, perfectly ripened. And those Pita Bite crackers from TJ's that are obscenely tasty.

I make a variation of this.

If I'd had chocolate I might well have eaten it for lunch. But I'd never admit it to you.

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ATriana May 8, 2009 at 10:59 am

..back on your entry of 4/11/07 I made a comment that I hadn’t eaten sardines out of a tin in 40 years…well, now make that 42. (Those pita crackers from TJ’s do rock)-a very ‘Flamenco’ snack BHC..


Antonia Reed May 14, 2009 at 2:24 pm

I prefer anchovies. I, too, am going through an eating frenzy. Seems that as I get older and closer to Men- uh, meno… uh, men O pause (!) I have the eating frenzy about the day before the old Aunt Flo comes to visit. BTW I am Audrey’s friend that lives in San Diego. Toni baloney is my sign off on most things. Love your blog!


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