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The Green Plate Special

by Julie on September 27, 2013

in Crockery

Back in the day when I lived in NYC, there was this place called Fish’s Eddy, which sold, among other things, surplus diner dishes.  Thick, heavy, egg-shell colored bowls and plates of the sort you’d find in greasy-spoons all across the country. Some had checkered patterns. Some had stripes. There was even the famous “Blue Plate Special’ plate.

Fish's Eddy

Fish’s Eddy in the Flatiron district, NYC

I loved this place and went in often just to fondle the crockery.  But as a single gal living in the World’s Smallest Apartment, I really didn’t have any need for actual place settings of any kind. I did buy one little bowl, a retro-looking soup bowl with a chip in the rim. I may still have it. Somewhere.

Fast forward a million years. I’ve got a family, teenagers, and a lot of friends I like to try and feed (they know the risks…). And every time I try to have more than, say, four people over for dinner I rue my lack of adult place settings. I could never decide on what kind of place settings to get. Real china doesn’t interest me. Most of my pieced together collection of Heath has long been broken. Can’t afford the really funky cool hand-made stuff.

So I’ve done nothing. Besides, as I like to joke, I can’t be a real grown up because I don’t have matching plates.

But then the chef got me these for my birthday:

Diner plates with green stripe and fig

Diner plates. Commercial grade.

That’s DINER plates (not dinner plate, although yes, there are dinner plates included.) Eight settings! Eight!


plates with green stripe

With GREEN stripes!

I have dinner plates, salad plates, pasta (or soup) bowls. And cups too, of course. They’re small, but sincere…

diner cups

another refill, lady?

I washed them all and put them up on the shelf. It’s official. Now I am a real grown up.

diner plates, stacked

Eat At JT’s.

You’re all invited for the dinner party.


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Dorothy at Shockingly Delicious September 27, 2013 at 3:20 pm

I LOVED going to Fish’s Eddy! Would dream about what I could serve on all those cool plates.


Bruce September 30, 2013 at 7:17 am

Not to mention all the little bottles, the glove molds, and all the other weird, cool stuff they have there.

Gorgeous plates, by the way!


Julie R October 1, 2013 at 11:18 pm

Happy Birthday! Nice gift!


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