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SUCH a deal: 80-cent Hot Corned Beef Sandwiches at Canter’s Tuesday, July 12

by Julie on July 11, 2011

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Matzo ball soup

So, a little soup for you

Nu? You’re surprised at the many Jewish deli’s in Los Angeles?

There’s Langer’s and Junior’s and Art’s, Jerry’s, Canter’s and my personal favorite, Greenblatt’s on Sunset, right next to the Laugh Factory.

Our own Jonathan Gold once proclaimed that when it comes to deli, L.A. eats New York City’s lunch.

Now here’s a deal to die for:

Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 12, Canter’s Deli, arguably the name Jewish Deli in L.A. (on Fairfax, which used to be ground zero for all things Jewish here before it became Little Ethiopia) is offering an 80-cent hot corned beef sandwich in honor of its 80-year anniversary.

That’s a penny a day, in case you’re no good with numbers.

A hot corned beef sandwich on fresh rye bread for less than a dollar? That’s meshugah!

You also get a “taste” of potato salad, a homemade pickle and a chocolate chip rugellah.

I prefer the rugellah at Greenblatt’s but like I’m gonna complain?

The deal lasts for eight hours, from 4 p.m. through midnight. And don’t get greedy: it’s one per customer.

Eighty years in Los Angeles is ancient. Go grab your nosh tomorrow and congratulate them on their ripe old age.

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