"The only real stumbling block is the fear of failure. In cooking, you have got to have a what-the-hell attitude." ~ Julia Child

The Daily Bad: Blackened masala veggie burgers

by Julie Tilsner on March 18, 2010

in Good Ideas Gone Bad

Veggie burger failRule one for the Bad Home Cook: PAY ATTENTION!!

INT:: A sunny kitchen

Time: Noon, almost exactly.

Writer, starving, looks up from computer and remembers she has two more of those yummy masala veggie burgers in the freezer (Trader Joe's brand, duh). Happily cooks one up, falls on it. Throws second one in the iron skillet…turns off flame thinking it will cook up perfectly by the heat of the pan, then WALKS AWAY TO CHECK EMAIL.

Answers a few work-related questions, fixes a few sentences in a post, downloads photo and resizes it for another post, gets disgusted with the sluggishness of her PC and clicks over to the Apple store to look at MacBook Pros, which she plans to buy when next windfall arrives from the universe. Once you go Mac, they say, you never go back. Debates between 15-inch and 17-inch screen. Wonders how much RAM she really needs . Clicks on the iPhone Touch and wonders if she should get one too like her ex and her daughter. Smells smoke….

CUT TO: Now black veggie burger sits sizzling in the skillet under a small flame, which writer apparently did not turn off all the way.

Writer, deflated, still hungry, trods back to computer. Google's "Personal Chef."

…stay tuned…

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