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For you, a nice matzo ball.

by Julie Tilsner on April 21, 2008

in Holiday Hell

Pesach snuck up on me this year, and given present circumstances, a seder of my own can’t be managed. I did say, “next year at Greenblatt’s” didn’t I? I don’t know if that will happen either.

No matter. Sit down. For you, a nice matzo ball. Blog roundup, that is.

Erick at the Black Table presents the ultimate How to make the proper Matzo Ball Soup.

Deb at Smitten Kitchen presents her mouth-watering fare here.

Adam Roberts (The Amateur Gourmet) soothes his savage cold with these babies.

Take a breather here and read about the matzo shortage in the New York Times. Such tsuris.

How to make a matzo ball – and why – from Judaism 101.

Ed Levine tells us about the best Passover Take-Out (so far).

Tonight I made the kids something out of a Manischevitz box, which, if you’re to believe the stories out there, isn’t such a crime after all.  They fell on it like starving people, which was very gratifying. Or maybe they were just hungry. I’ll attempt something a little more ambitious, maybe, later this week. We’ll see.

Nisht gegehrlach, nu?

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Wheeler's April 23, 2008 at 12:54 pm

Looks delicous! Matzo ball soup is awesome.


http://EncoreSeraphine.com April 24, 2008 at 9:15 am

Haha. I love the humor in your
link “How to make Matzo Ball.”
Matzah Ball Soup, also known as Jewish penicillin…
Matzah balls can be very soft and
light or firm and heavy. A friend
of mine describes the two types
as “floaters and sinkers.”


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