"The only real stumbling block is the fear of failure. In cooking, you have got to have a what-the-hell attitude." ~ Julia Child

Patience is a virtue

by Julie Tilsner on April 5, 2007

in Holiday Hell

CigarettesafirYou know how emphatic Italian people purse their fingers together while waving their hands to describe…well, everything?

In Israel, you purse your fingers together, but you don’t wave. Instead, you fix your eyes on the person you’re dealing with and present your pursed fingers once, firmly, like you’re slamming down your whiskey glass. Or your gauntlet. You’re making a statement. And what you’re emphatically saying is:



There is so much to write about my Seder on Tuesday night that even I am daunted. And naturally, the last two days of work have been kicking my ass. But you’re going to hear about everything, I promise. Down to the last, horrible detail.

So. Stay tuned, as I like to say. Or: Sav-lanoot, be-va-keh-sha.

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