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BHC Swill: I Have Seen The Elephant

by Julie on February 22, 2012

in BHC Swill

I Have Seen the Elephant, from Trader Joe's

Not a pink elephant

I was just reading somewhere that nearly 70% of wine is bought and consumed by women, at least in North America. So there’s been this huge marketing effort made to create labeling that appeals to women, especially at the lower price points.

In other words, we chicks who buy and drink lots of cheap wine are suckers for cute/funny/interesting labels. Because unlike men, who buy wine mostly to collect, and only then to impress women and each other and are swayed by points and reputation and mention in wine magazines, we women buy wine to share with friends.

Sometimes we just like the cute labels, though. It’s like cute shoes. We almost can’t help it.

Because I took one look at the name of this wine and the label and snapped it right up without another thought.

I mean look! It’s got an elephant standing on wine bottles! And the name is so quirky! ‘I have seen the elephant!” Who names a wine that?

Awwww….OK whatever. What’s it taste like?

It tastes pretty much as you’d expect a $7 chardonnay to taste like. Lots of florals, but with a bit of oak and a bit of butter fighting to come out of the closet. Thin. Bright like the lights in your office.

So not bad, but not great either. A decent picnic wine.

Would I buy this to share with my girlfriends? Probably not.

I just liked the label.

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