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Mint and Japanese Green Sun Tea — Maybe

by Julie on April 30, 2011

in Minor Miracles

A sunny Saturday. The mind turns to cold beverages.

Like sun tea. Which, obviously, isn’t cold at first, but once you make it, oh the potential.

And me with a large bunch of mint, courtesy of my friend Amity, whose garden overflows.

The Bad Home Cook tries to make mint sun tea

Growing sea monsters?

She told me all I had to do was stick the lot into a jar with water and let it seep for a few  hours. I thought I would embellish and add a teabag of Japanese green tea.

The Bad Home cook tries to make mint green sun tea

The whole bunch

Will it work? I can’t say. How could it not work? It’s water and tea in a jar, for God’s sake.

Right? But remember who we’re talking about here.

Stay tuned.

Japanese green sun tea and Corona

And if it doesn't turn out, at least I have this...

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Bruce May 4, 2011 at 10:51 am

I call foul! A quick glimpse showed me a picture of a Corona next to a mint-filled jar. This, logically led to the following mental path: “hmm. Mint and Pilsner. Pilsner and mint. Wait, that’s brilliant!”

Having been baited, however, I got a tea switch?


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