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Long Beach Soup Swap 2011: Pretty Souper

by Julie on January 23, 2011

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Soup Swap selection

Lined up for inspection

I was in fun — albeit intimidating — company last night at the Long Beach Soup Swap ’11. Held at the Bella Cosa Boutique in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood, several of the ‘hood’s “A-List” foodies  were there. I knew most of them, sure. And as someone who’s held the Swap at my house three out of the last five years, it was insisted upon that I show up. Still, I felt sort of like an interloper, there more to gawk and learn than to participate.  Like I should have had a spy camera in my coat.

I will link to everyone’s recipes as soon as I can, but for now, a little local color.

There was soup, and there were beverages, and there was beer, and fresh-baked bread, and even brownies. Everyone took turns describing their soup, and then everyone got to pick four different kinds.  Jennifer Beaver described her roasted carrot soup as “sunshine in a bowl,” because everybody loves it; the kids, the grandparents, the fancy dinner party guests. It was good salesmanship. As we each took turns choosing soups to take home, this one went first.

Sunshine in a Bowl

Sunshine in a Bowl...for lunch tomorrow...

Kim Peterson leaned forward with a smirk and described her Potato and Leek soup with bacon as, “A salt lick for a horse.”

“The salt shaker lid wasn’t screwed on very tight,” she said, nursing her second glass of wine of the night. I toasted her roundly. Now she’s my kinda gal. Naturally I took some of her soup next, to compare and contrast. Betcha I’ve done lots worse in my day.

As you can see, my Persian Yogurt and Rice Soup looked nice in the lineup. But that’s as far as it got. I forgot to print out the recipe for everyone. And I used masking tape to write the name of the soup on the container. (In my mind, though, I get props for even making a soup this year. It’s never been easy for me to get that organized. )

Persian yogurt and rice soup

Hey, it's *in* a container...what more do you want?

I couldn’t even find a black Sharpie, so I used a bright pink marker dug out from one of the kid’s old crayon baskets.

Other entries were a little more considered.

sweet potato soup

This one came with the garnish on top

Turkey Chili soup

Fun with fonts and props

Sasha Kanno, director of Farm lot 59 and Long Beach Local, a local food collective, brought home-baked bread and her own jalepeno honey that literally stopped everyone in mid-bite. And I don’t even like jalepenos. I’ll try to get the recipe out of her for you soon.  Yes, it was that good.

Sasha's home baked.

Kelli Johnson’s tomatillo and turkey chili soup was a huge hit, of course, and another woman’s tomato and bread soup was the only thing that got me through my teen daughter’s birthday party today. When a soup can fortify a parent against 25 14-year-olds in the backyard, that’s some hella good soup.

There were more people, and more soup, but of course I left my notes at the Swap so I can’t tell you the details.  I shall report back with recipes when I get them.

In all, a successful Soup Swap in Long Beach. I hope to see twice the people there next year for Soup Swap 2012. Start thinking now!

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Christi January 25, 2011 at 9:18 pm

Bless your heart for hosting 25 14-year old girls, Julie. Glad that I was able to help you keep your sanity.

Who do we talk to about having Soup Swap on a quarterly basis?! That was too much fun, and too little delicious soup to have to wait another 11 months.


Julie January 25, 2011 at 9:29 pm

Girls and BOYS, Christi. BOYS…..anyway, it’s behind me now, and your soup really did help me cope (that and three beers…and several other adults there to help…) But yes. A quarterly soup swap? I like that idea….let’s reconnoiter with Kelli and Sasha et al and see what we can come up with….I agree….too much fun!


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