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Lessons learned in San Francisco: BlogHer ’09

by Julie Tilsner on September 29, 2009

in Travel


Here are some lessons I gleaned from my whirlwind tour of San Francisco this weekend for the BlogHer Food Conference, 09:

1.) I miss the hell out of that place. I may have been born and raised in L.A. but I belong in San Francisco.

2.) Tartine is worth every effort.

3.) The St. Regis is a very nice hotel.

4.) I don't like frozen food, no matter how you present it, or how cute the shill is.

5.) I need a cleaner design for Bad Home Cooking.

6.) I need a way better camera. And camera skills.

7.) I need to pay attention to my links, and my Google ranking, and my SEO.

8.) Or I can just ignore all that and enjoy writing my blog.

9.) David Lebovitz is taller than you think. Friendly to strangers, too. Plus he sports a wicked bitchin' bag that I'm gonna get me one of these days.

10.) La Lola's on Nob Hill is my new favorite place. One of them. (This is "crashed egg" over potatoes. That's prosciutto on top. It's every bit as good as it looks. Thanks to artist girlfriend Kim Froshin, who lives down the street, for hipping us to this one.)

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