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Queen of tarts — Nutella tart recipe from FRANCE!

by Julie Tilsner on March 16, 2010

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Nutella One of the beautiful things about being on Facebook (and you’re all invited to join the Bad Home Cooking page on FB), is that it culls up people from so deep in the woodwork you can’t even find the tree.

So it was with Marie-Mildrede. She was the French foreign exchange student who lived with us the summer I was 15 or 16 in 1980. She was about 17 or 18. She’s now a well-married gentlewoman with three good-looking, grown children. Judging from her photos, she is as attractive and stylish as ever. Those French women. What is it? Je nais sais quoi…

She found me. “You remembered my last name?” Bien sur, she said. Wow. Excuse me: mon Dieu!

Anyway, she sends me this recipe for Nutella Tart, after seeing that I’ve joined the I Love Nutella Fan Club. It was in French, and my high school French has never served me well, so I asked her to translate.

Here it is. Good luck with it. I’m gonna try it this weekend and let you know.

But don’t hold your breath or anything…

1 rouleau de pâte à tarte means pastry (for a tart)

•Nutella — you know what it means
•1 grosse boîte de poires en conserve ou fraîches means a few pears
•Sucre means sugar
•2 oeufs 2 eggs
•1 verre de lait one glass of milk
•Etaler une couche de nutella sur la pâte. put the Nutella on the pastry
•Couper les poires en morceaux et les mettre sur le nutella. cut the pears in two and put them on the nutella
•Battre les 2 oeufs en omelette + sucre. beat eggs (not white) and put a little sugar
•Ajouter le verre de lait. add the glass of milk
•Mettre le mélange sur les poires. put the eggs+sugar+ milk on the pears
•Mettre au four th 6 pendant 45 minutes. in the oven 180°c for 45 min.
You’ll see…. It’s really delicious and not too hard
tell me if you’ve got the photo I sent in another message.
Have a nice weekend

love from France

Merci, Marie-Mildrede!

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