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The Roasted Radish Revelation

by Julie on February 28, 2012

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I have very few memories of good eating as a kid, relative to most people who write about cooking. I don’t, for example, have a single memory of my Grandma Flo cooking me anything. I spent weeks at a time there when I was little, so she must have fed me something.  I loved my grandma so much and have only good memories, but of food? All I remember is coffee (tarted up with lots of sugar and milk in a fancy teacup) and See’s Candy’s.

Not so many memories of good food at the kitchen table at my house, either. Except here’s one: My step-father Jim and I, eating radishes out of a bowl of ice water, sprinkling them with Accent, a seasoning that may or may not have been pulled from the shelves by the FDA in the ensuing 25 years.

Anyway, we two were the only ones in the household who liked radishes. So we sort of bonded over them, making a large production out of cutting the greens off and tossing them into iced water. “Oh!” we’d exclaim. “How could you NOT love radishes?” My mom and brothers would grimace.  “Well, MORE for us!” we’d laugh, and tuck in at the kitchen table, Jim still in his work clothes and me in my high school drill team uniform.  And it was all fun and jolly la la. Good times indeed.

I just discovered a recipe for roast radishes that brings all those memories back and more. Today I bought two bunches of radishes from my local Spring Street Farm Stand and tried the roast.

roasted radishes

Deep in the radish...

It couldn’t be easier:

Chop the leaves and stems off your two bunches of radishes.

I washed mine in a bowl…

roasted radishes

The RADISH bath...

Remove from water, dry, and mix with a little olive oil, dries thyme, salt and pepper.

Heat oven to 450 degrees. Let the baking pan get hot, dump those radishes in. After about 4 minutes, mix them up with a wooden spoon.

After about 15 minutes, remove. Let cool.

roasted radishes

Eat these...

Call the kids downstairs. Gobble.

Yeah, I know, right? Roasting radishes? But this takes away a lot of the bite and turns these into tasty veggie bombs that even the kids will eat.

Anyway. They’re gone. I’ll need to buy more radishes now. The kids are asking. THANKS again, Dorothy!




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Dorothy at Shockinglydelicious February 28, 2012 at 9:37 pm

You are WELCOME! So glad you like them!


Bruce February 29, 2012 at 8:23 am

Roasting Radishes? Really? That sounds kinda awesome…


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